How do I join FRIBIX?

Download our app on the Apple Play Store or the Google Store and open it. To register you just need to provide a valid email address -note that we will verify it.

How do I get FRIBIX points?

You will get 1 (one) FRIBIX point for every 1,000 (one thousand) likes you get on the videos and photos you post at the FRIBIX app.

Where do I see how many FRIBIX points I have?

On the central tab of the FRIBIX app you will see a points balance on top. Those are the points you have available and ready to be exchanged for gift cards. You can also see the movements in your balance (i.e. points earned and spent) on the history tab of that same central tab.

How do I use my FRIBIX points?

Go to the central tab in the FRIBIX app and see the different gift cards available. The number displayed on them indicates the number of points they will cost you. If you have enough points fo a specific gift card you one, select it and click to confirm. The gift card will then move onto the Wallet section, where it will initially be displayed as "Processing". Once we have processed your request, the card will move up to the "Redeem" cards section, where you will be able to click on it to see a QR code. You can use that QR code in the relevant shop to exchange it for products.

How much is each gift card worth?

You will find the value of each gift card on the "Explore" section within the central tab of the FRIBIX app. Typically, gift cards start at USD 5 and will cost you an equivalent of approximately 5 FRIBIX points.

How do I post videos and pictures?

Go to your profile inside the FRIBIX app, select the video or pictures tab, and click on the "+" button. You will be able to take a video or photo with your phone camera, or to select it from your phone's gallery.

How do I share my videos from other social media on FRIBIX?

Other social media platforms like Tik Tok allow you to download their videos. when you download them, they will be saved in your phone's gallery. All you need to do after that is to post them on FRIBIX from your phone's gallery afterwards.

Somebody is impersonating me or using my content.

We have noticed a number of FRIBIX users are posting content from people in other networks. If you have been affected by this type of behaviour, please report the specific content and/or the user and we will remove the contetn and or ban the user, as we consider.

My account has been blocked.

FRIBIX reserves the right to block or ban any content and/or any user inside our platform without notice or justification. Beach of our terms and conditions may lead to blocking or banning of both users or content. We have zero tolerance for offensive and/or discriminatory behaviour, and for copyright infringement. For more clarification, please refer to our terms and conditions.

How do I message other users?

FRIBIX does not have a private chat/message function. You can nevertheless keep a conversation with other users inside the "comments" section of each video and pricture. All conversations within our platform are therefore public.

There is a mistake in my FRIBIX points balance.

If you believe there is an error in your FRIBIX points balance, please contact us at: support@fribix.com

Can I get money instead of gift cards?

FRIBIX is currently working on this option. We expect to have this functionality ready before the end of the first half of 2021.

I have forgotten my password.

When you try to log in, click on "Forgot password?" and follow the intstructions to reset your password.

My account has been hacked.

Let us know all the details and we will try to assist: support@fribix.com

Can I invest in FRIBIX?

We are not involved in any capital raising effort at present, but do let us know your details and we will contact you in the future, if the opportunity came up. Email us at: ir@fribix.com

Can I advertise at FRIBIX?

Sure you can. Contact us at: business@fribix.com

We are a business and we would like to have our gift cards in the FRIBIX app.

Please contact us at: business@fribix.com